Protex World Convertible Soft Top Canvas Restorer BLUE 500ml. Specially formulated to rejuvenate your...

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WHAT IS THIS CLEANER FOR? – This product is designed to colour restore your faded canvas convertible soft top on the averaged sized TWO SEATER sports car. Examples include Alfa Spider, BMW Z3, Z4, Mazda MX5, MGF, Porsche Boxster, Honda S2000 and many more.
WHAT WILL IT DO – Specially formulated to colour restore your faded canvas soft top this colour restorer will present a strong and even finish penetrating deep into your canvas top. Used after Protex Canvas Cleaner, colour restoring your top is the second stage in the Protex soft top restoration process.
PREPARATION – It is best to apply the product in cool/overcast conditions so that drying time is not too fast and to avoid causing an uneven finish. Shake the bottle well and decant sufficient product into a separate container to apply to the soft top.
APPLICATION – Then start at the centre and work outwards apply the restorer quickly and evenly with a clean paint brush taking care not to spill any onto the vehicles paintwork. Leave for 3 hours to allow the restorer to dry and if required recoat and again allow 3 hours drying time. Do not expose to moisture until the restorer has completely dried.
APPLICATION VIDEO – A full product application video can be found by typing ProtexWorld into YouTube.

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