MSD 8680 Adjustable Timing Controller


Dash mounted control knob
Ability to adjust the ignition timing
Improves gas mileage


The MSD adjustable timing control puts you in control of your ignition timing from the driver’s seat. A dash-mounted control knob allows you to adjust the ignition timing to compensate for changes in altitude, low octane gas, or heavy loads. For cars driven every day but raced occasionally on the weekends, this control is perfect. Increased fuel mileage and performance are just some of the benefits as the ignition timing can be advanced or retarded to prevent engine detonation. The control knob mounts to the dash board for easy and accurate timing adjustments up to 15 Degree. The control can be used on 4, 6 and 8-cylinder engines and must be used with an MSD Ignition control.
Dash mounted control knob
Ability to adjust the ignition timing
Improves gas mileage
Adjustments up to 15 degrees
For use w/MSD Ignition control
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