Duda Diesel Pure Methanol – Choose from a Variety of Sizes – Racing Biodiesel Gasoline Antifreeze...

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Minimum Purity Spec: 99.65%, Typical Purity: 99.99%
Use for Biodiesel Production, Racing Fuel, Antifreeze in Washer Fluid/Tires/Gasoline


Methanol Minimum Purity Specification: 99.sixty five% (ASTM1152) Standard Purity: 99.ninety nine% by Duda Energy Pure methanol with very good quality for producing biodiesel. Can be utilized in racing applications, antifreeze or water removal in gasoline, antifreeze for windshield Washing machine fluid and inside tires & wherever a prime purity of methanol could also be required. Does now not Contain Ethylene Glycol
Minimum Purity Spec: 99.sixty five%, Standard Purity: 99.ninety nine%
Use for Biodiesel Production, Racing Fuel, Antifreeze in Washing machine Fluid/Tires/Gasoline

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