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The Wet Diamond tri-polymer system is extremely slick, allowing dirt and grime to be washed away with out scratching. It also coats the paint in a layer of BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond polymers leaving your paint, trim, and glass slick. 128 oz.


Blackfire Rinseless Wash is biodegradable and VOC compliant. In addition to rinseless washing, Blackfire Rinseless Wash also makes an excellent foam pad and clay bar lubricant, water conditioner, and quick detailer. The dilution ratio determines how the product can be used. The advanced lubricants and polymers provide excellent protection against swirls and scratches. Features: Concentrated formula can be diluted to make a water conditioner, a quick detailer, clay and foam pad lubricant, and a rinseless wash. High gloss polymers bond to the paint to leave a slick, shiny finish. High lubricity formula is safe on paint, clear coats, glass, metals, and plastics. Uses minimal water and requires no rinsing. Does not remove wax or paint sealants. Directions: Rinseless Wash – Dilute 1 ounce in 2 gallons of water. Soak a wash mitt or sponge in the solution and wash the vehicle one section at a time. Wash one panel at a time, making sure to flood the surface with an adequate amount of solution. Wash in gentle straight-line motions. Dry using two towels. Lightly wipe the first towel over the panel then follow with the second towel to ensure a high gloss, streak-free shine. Water conditioner – Add 1-2 ounces to 3-5 gallons of wash water for additional lubrication. Wash and rinse as usual. Clay and buffing pad lubricant – Mix 2 ounces with 32 ounces of water in a clean spray bottle. Mist pads prior to use. Mist vehicle surfaces prior to using detailing clay. Quick detailer – Add 3 ounces to 32 ounces of water in a clean spray bottle. Mist and wipe paint with a soft microfiber towel. 128 oz.

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