AIR LIFT 23380 Viair 380C Air Compressor Dual Pack


1.49 CFM each
Maximum pressure 200 psi
100 percent duty cycle


The dual 380C compressor setup builds up to 200 PSI of pressure using only 32 amps of power. This means that your system will run strong and last twice as long as systems using a single compressor. With this kind of low amp draw, your vehicle will make more horsepower when your compressors are running. You will never have dim headlights or an engine that suffers from performance-robbing high amp draw again.

The Air Lift 23380 Viair 380C Air Compressor Dual Pack is a bundling of two complete Viair 380C air compressor kits. A pairing primarily designed for use in small to medium dual axle/suspension onboard air compression systems, vehicles utilizing the Viair 380C Air Compressor Dual Pack effectively double the productivity of a single kits compression ability and efficiency, while maintaining a low-draw scenario on their shared onboard 12-volt battery source. This kit is suitable for use with either 2.5 gallon or 5 gallon air tanks.

Air Lift 23380 Viair 380C Air Compressor Dual Pack

Double the productivity of your small air management system.
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Higher, Faster Pressure Rates at Low Amp Draw

The increasing popularity of automotive air management systems powered by onboard air compressors has brought predictable benefits to drivers across the automotive spectrum hungry for ever more flexibility when it comes to tuning the suspension within their rides. But with increasingly sophisticated, and common, in-vehicle applications like dual path control allowing for independent suspension of each wheel and the constant want for faster fill rates, increasingly high duty cycles and overall lower amp draw on vehicle 12-volt battery sources, it’s not likely that a single compressor can provide all that consumers need. This is where Air Lift’s Dual Pack line of Viair compressors comes in.

Air Lift’s Viair 380C Air Compressor Dual Pack

The Viair 380C is a true continuous duty, 12-volt, 200 psi compressor. By itself a single Viair 380C is capable of filling a 5-gallon tank from 165 psi to 200 psi in 3½ minutes consistently, while never pulling more than 18 amps of power (@ 13.8 volts). As good as this is, consumers looking for immediate results from their onboard air suspension system, especially for dual path systems, can up this performance even further by opting for an Air Lift Dual Pack system. The Air Lift Viair 380C Air Compressor Dual Pack features 2.98 CFM @ 0 psi; 5 gallon tank fill rates: empty fill (0 to 200-psi) 7 minutes 11 seconds, and recovery rate (165 To 200 psi) 2 minutes 6 seconds. Couple this with 100% duty cycle @ 100 psi, 55% duty cycle @ 200 psi and up to 200 psi of pressure using only 32 amps of power and you have a workhorse that could really put the spring back into any small to medium air onboard air compression system. Additional features include a standard ¼” stainless steel braided leader hose with ¼” NPT inline check valve and insulated wiring.

Schematic of the Viair 380C Air Compressor

Compact Viair 380C compressors fit almost anywhere.
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Parts Included

  • 2 Viair 380C compressor kits, each including:
    • Installation instructions
    • Mounting hardware (nuts, bolts, locking washers)
    • Vibration isolators
    • Remote mount air filter assembly
    • 2 replacement air filter elements
    • Air line for remote mount air filter installation
    • Stainless steel braided leader hose
    • Check valve

System Specifications

  • Dual 380C chrome compressor (100% Duty Cycle @ 100 psi, 55% Duty Cycle @ 200 psi)
  • Dual 12-volt, 40-amp relays
  • 165 psi On/200 psi off pressure switch
  • Max working pressure 200 psi
  • Utilizes a 12-volt power source
  • Maximum total amp draw: 32 amps (amp draw of two 380C’s)
  • Maximum total CFM @ 0 PSI: 2.98 CFM
  • 5 gallon tank fill rates: empty fill (0 To 200 psi) 7 Minutes 11 Seconds, and recovery rate (165 To 200 psi) 2 Minutes 6 Seconds

Two Year Limited Warranty

Air Lift Company warrants its 23380 Viair 380C Air Compressor Dual Pack to the original retail purchaser against manufacturing defects for two (2) years when used on catalog-listed applications on cars, vans, light trucks and motor homes under normal operating conditions. The warranty does not apply to products that have been improperly applied, improperly installed, used in racing or off-road applications, used for commercial purposes, or which have not been maintained in accordance with installation instructions furnished with all products.

1.49 CFM each
Maximum pressure 200 psi
100 percent duty cycle
Maximum amp draw 16 amps per air compressor
Bright chrome finish
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