1½” x 6ft Cam Buckle Soft-Tye Tie-Downs, Latch Hooks

$26.95 (as of December 13, 2017, 1:00 am)

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The 1½” Fats Strap Cushy-Tye Tie-Down is our same old Tie-Down in a much wider 1½” configuration. Is available in a regular 6 feet period with rubber-lined Protected Latch Hooks for an additional-Protected cling. The Built-in Cushy-Tyes offer protection to paint and chrome surfaces, maintaining the hooks away out of your motorbike. Nice for the ones harder programs the place a 1″ Powertye simply is not sufficient. This product could also be perfect for thicker Professional-Bars or a good house now not appropriate for hooks.

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